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Prospecting – Fundraising – Merch Sales – App Downloads
Event RSVPS – Persuasion – GOTV

Our History

Since our company’s inception, we have worked with the largest brands in the world. Direct Persuasion has grown its managed media spend from $10 million in 2017 to more than $450M+. Our growth is organic and down to significantly outperforming our client goals through performance and brand expertise. We continue to evolve in order to align with the trends and maintain our status as a front-running full-funnel media agency.


Create a direct line of contact with your supporters.


Fundraise on other platforms besides email, and you’ll be able to engage with new donors.


Make sure everyone is wearing your campaign swag.

App Downloads

Reach the supporters who would be interested in downloading your app.

Event RSVPs

Get your supporters to show up at all your events.


Show swing voters the right content at the right time to convince them you are right for the job.

Get Out The Vote

Ensure your base mails in their ballot, votes early, or shows up to the polls on Election Day to support you.

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