DP Interview Series: Hiring

Up this month in our interview series is Molly Georgia, head of Direct Persuasion’s Operations. This is a MUST READ for any future Direct Persuasion job applicants & any one who touches client services! Molly gives her tips and tricks for how to get noticed in our interview process & how to onboard new clients to your firm. You’re not going to want to miss this!

You’re someone who has touched so many different areas of DP. You managed direct partnerships in 2020. Now, you help manage DP’s operations & billing departments. Can you talk about what you’ve gained from wearing so many different hats?

DP is a unique place in that our team is small but efficient, so being able to help out on multiple parts of the day to day work has given me a really broad understanding of how we function between clients, platforms, and tools and how we need to operate short term and long term to be successful as a company.

The opportunity to handle each of these areas over the last few years has been huge because most other teams won’t give you that freedom and ownership over something right away, which has allowed me to learn much faster and grow in knowledge and skills as the team grows too, which always helps to keep things interesting and exciting.

You are usually one of the first people potential hires talk to in our interview process. Can you list the top three things you look for in every prospective DP hire?

Interviews are such an interesting topic, because it’s usually the first point of contact you have with someone you could potentially work for someday, so every little thing about it matters because it’s all open to interpretation of your long term work ethic and personal conduct.

  • Someone who shows up early—demonstrates serious intent about working with us
  • Someone who asks questions about the company and our mission— it shows they have expectations of their own that they want to align with ours
  • Someone who is open about their knowledge and if they aren’t experienced in some area—relays honesty and immediately fosters a sense of trust between both parties

Due to the nature of political work, there are other things like long hours and unpredictable schedules that we need people to be flexible with, but those are more of a given.

No two people are the same in how they present themselves in an interview, good or bad, but those I mentioned are some of the things that always help a potential hire stand out from the rest of the candidates.

Now for the question we ask everyone! What’s your favorite part of working for Direct Persuasion?

This one is easy. To borrow a phrase from another team member, DP has a very elusive culture, where we’re close because of the crazy things we’ve done for the party and Conservative politics over the last few years, so the best part of working here is the people. 

Can’t wait to continue building on that legacy ahead of midterms in 2022!

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