Want to Get Your Advocacy Message In Times Square? It’s As Easy As Pushing A Button 

There’s probably no splashier piece of advertising real estate in the world than Times Square in New York City. An estimated 230,000 – 450,000 people visit the location daily, and even during the height of the COVID pandemic, average foot traffic visitors in 2020 numbered between 40,000 – 100,000 per day.

Ever wondered how easy it is to get your brand up in Times Square?  Thanks to programmatic buying technology (use of automated bidding to buy digital ads), it’s a simple matter of uploading your creative to one of our in-house platforms, plugging in your budget, and launching. Direct Persuasion uses nearly a dozen programmatic buying tools to guarantee strong rates and delivery – with a big focus on Out Of Home sign placements.

If you’re managing an advocacy campaign, Times Square is one of the best places to reach potentially millions of people in a small time frame for a relatively low price (ad placements in Times Square cost roughly 30% less than CTV/OTT ads).

And the best part about these ads? Direct Persuasion can get up fast. Unlike traditional Out of Home ads that require weeks of development, sign printing, and manual installation, our programmatic technology allows us to get ads like this live with little more than screen owner creative approvals.

When Direct Persuasion managed a Times Square billboard buy for Live Action (one of America’s leading pro-life advocacy groups) in Q4 2021, we were able to get a live placement on one of Times Square’s biggest signs in a matter of hours (right). We were also able to pair our Times Square placements with buys across transit shelters, huge signage over New York City’s Lincoln Tunnel, and billboards leading in and out of the city. This created a holistic targeting approach that made Live Action’s campaign memorable and hard to ignore.


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